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Are you a fast and reliable knitter?

Join my team of trusted test knitters!

It's that time again, ladies. I have an exciting new pattern that is almost ready for testing and I'm looking for fast and reliable knitters who would like to support the work I do here at Sister Mountain by test knitting for me.

In the past, I have always called out for test knitters via this blog, however, I know that many of you are here to read about knitting - not test knitting! So, this is the last time I will be doing that.

Apply to be a Test Knitter

Instead, I am creating a database of trusted test knitters who will be the first people I contact whenever I have an opportunity to test knit. If you love to knit and would like to be notified whenever I need test knitters, you can apply via this form.

By applying to become a test knitter, there is no obligation to knit for all of my new patterns. You are just letting me know that it is something you are interested in hearing about.

Do you have questions about test knitting?

Before you sign up to my database of test knitters, do you have any burning questions about test knitting? As always, I'm happy to hear from you in the comments section below.

Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me in my design journey! I really appreciate every single one of you.