8 Amazing Knitters on Instagram to Inspire Your Handmade Wardrobe

Do you have a place you go to if you're feeling a little low on knitspiration? I do, and controversially, it's not Ravelry! Instead, I head to Instagram.

There is a fantastic community of knitters over there that I am thrilled to have joined a few months ago. Scrolling through my Instagram feed every day keeps my inspiration levels topped up, as I keep up with the fantastic projects that my fellow makers are working on.

My favourite part of the knitting community on Instagram is that I can see how other knitters are incorporating their handknits into their everyday wardrobe. It's very inspiring! I'm never stuck thinking, "What should I knit next?" In fact, thanks to Instagram, my Ravelry favourites list is long enough to keep me going for the next few years!

For those of you who could do with getting a bit of an inspiration boost today, I have collated a list of my favourite women I follow on Instagram, who are putting together their own, incredibly wearable, handmade wardrobes. I hope you enjoy following them too!

Inspiring KNitters you Should Follow on Instagram

Karen Templer

I'm sure many of you are very familiar with Karen's blog, but how many of you follow her on Instagram? Karen's feed is so pleasing to scroll through. She has exceptional style and always picks super-wearable patterns to knit from. Pictured above is her Channel Cardigan, which she's made a few modifications to so that it better suits her wardrobe requirements.

Jess Schreibstein

Jess is another women with an enviable wardrobe. Her feed doesn't just document her knitting projects, but food, travel and her artwork too. She has this fantastic way of working with light in her photographs, which I really admire. The cardigan that she is working on now sounds right up my street!

Anna Maltz

Anna is one of the most inspiring women I follow on Instagram. She is so creative in the way she works with colour, especially when she pairs it with texture like she does in her marlisle technique. Follow Anna for her #sweaterspotting and #yarnandoldcars series. Just a note on this photograph: isn't her visible mending exquisite?

Ashley Yousling

I am such a huge fan of Ashley's podcast, Woolful, and her instagram feed is equally inspiring. She documents family life on their farm in Idaho, as well as the gorgeous knitting projects she is working on.

Ani Lee

Ani is the podcaster behind Close Knit, another one of my favourites, and is the one of the most beautifully sincere women I have discovered on Instagram. Her feed is a mixture of beautiful, useful knits, craftivism and dancing - a joyful place to spend some time!

Felicia Semple

Felicia is the inspiring woman behind The Craft Sessions. Her Instagram feed is amazing - she is always working on a multitude of interesting projects, spanning a variety of crafts, such as embroidery, sewing and of course, knitting! The sweater she is working on right now is a scrappy version of Piece of Silver, which she is knitting from stash. Isn't it a beautiful colour palette?

Simple breakfast of black coffee, homemade granola bars and spelsau yarn for squeezing and planning 😊

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Simone from Temple of Knit is not a regular poster on Instagram, but when she does, her photographs are stunning. I really admire the neutral colour palette that she often works with and her focus on wearability with her knits.

Jen Beeman

Jen is the creative genius behind Grainline Studio, as well as a beautiful knitter. Her personal feed documents her handmade wardrobe, life in the studio and snaps of her gorgeous pup, Oaty! I love this photograph she shared, as it shows just how your handmade garments can fit into your wardrobe.


Who are your favourite knitters on instagram?

Now that I've shared who I love following, it's time for you to share your own recommendations! Do you follow anyone particularly inspiring on Instagram? I look forward to reading your suggestions in the comments section below!