Laceweight Log Cabin Knitting: Am I crazy?

Would you knit a log cabin project in laceweight yarn?

When I first confided in a friend that I planned to take part in Karen Templer's #FringeandFriendsLogalong using a laceweight yarn, they told me I was mad.

I agreed and promptly decided I should come up with an alternative idea.

A month later and here I am: still obsessed with the idea of super lightweight, log cabin knits...

So much so that I've decided to embrace my absurdity and go for it! Never mind the long list of work-related knits that require my attention over the next couple of months(!)

In this video, I will be sharing:

  • a peek at my design plans

  • the ridiculously tiny (BEAUTIFUL) yarn I shall be using

  • the start of a project that I might regret?!

Laceweight Log Cabin? My #FringeandFriendsLogalong Plans

If this is the first you've heard of the Logalong, you can get up to speed on Karen's blog, Fringe Association. She has shared so much valuable information and inspiration on log cabin knitting - it will get your fingers itching to cast on too!

I used the Log Cabin Generator by Kelsey Leftwich to help me place the colours. This free tool allows you to use unique hex codes to display the exact colours you're using on the screen - genius! Thank you, Kelsey, for generously creating this tool.

Coral, charcoal and white are my core colours with pops of yellow and possibly even khaki - although I need to swatch that idea out. You can see the start of my project below. A couple of days later and I am nearly finished on the first square and it is surprisingly large! It really is an addictive knit - I shall share more on my progress in a later blog post, if you're interested.

My logalong plans - I may use the khaki yarn in place of the yellow every other square...

Humble beginnings, but this could be something beautiful!

Now, I'd love to hear from you.

Are you taking part in the #FringeandFriendsLogalong? Am I going to regret my laceweight log cabin??

Share your thoughts in the comments section below - feel free to link to your own log cabin projects if you're taking part in the Logalong too. I'd love to see!