Summer of Basics 2018: Here's what I'm making...

One of my most recent makes: a Maya Top with hacked cuffs by Marilla Walker.

After giving myself tendinitis in my elbows by furiously speed-knitting two top-secret design samples this Spring (one of which was teased by Woolfolk this week!), I've been cutting down on my knitting time to give my body chance to heal.

Now, of course, every avid knitter will know how difficult it is to stop knitting all the time! Even the thought of it was off-putting. What on earth would I do with my free time?

Enter, sewing.

Learning to Sew

I've wanted to be able to sew properly for a very long time, and whilst I've made wearable garments in the past, they have always been few and far between. Taking a bit of a break from knitting has given me the motivation to start sewing the clothes I want to wear and I can't tell you how empowering (and fun) it is!

Now that I've started, I am fully emersed in the sewing community. I'm following my favourite sewists on Instagram, listening to sewing podcasts (Love to Sew is my absolute favourite!) and planning my handmade wardrobe in my Fashionary.

Some of the big projects I've been planning are my makes for Fringe Association's Summer of Basics 2018.

Sewing for Summer of Basics 2018

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this challenge, the goal is to make (using any craft) 3 hardworking garments that your wardrobe will greatly benefit from over the course of 3 months.

Last year, I was too busy to participate, but it was still incredibly inspiring to see what makers, both knitters and sewists, were making to fill gaps in their wardrobe. I did a little recap on some of my favourites in my blog post about how to incorporate colour into a wearable handmade wardrobe.

This year, since I'm still cutting down on my knitting time, I intend to take part by sewing three new garments for my wardrobe. These garments have been chosen because they are lacking in my wardrobe, plus I think they will advance my sewing skills quite considerably.

You might notice that everything will be made out of fabric from The Fabric Store. I promise I'm not sponsored! I have just heard amazing things about their linen and wanted to order enough fabric to get free international shipping...!

My #SummerOfBasics Sewing Projects

Source: Pauline Alice, The Fabric Store

Tello Jacket by Pauline Alice

I am most excited about this project - I can't think of anything more stylish than a traditional French chore jacket. I've owned a couple of men's vintage ones in the past, but they never fit quite right and I ended up giving them to the charity shop. I've always dreamt of finding the perfect chore jacket that fits me correctly on the shoulders because I knew it would become a wardrobe staple. Now, I can finally make one!

I've made the Foreman Jacket for Ulysses before, but it didn't look as professional as I would have liked in the end. I think this will be a great opportunity to fine tune those skills. I'm particularly looking forward to learning how to finish the inside seams with bias binding!

In my efforts to introduce more colour into my wardrobe (baby steps), I will be making mine in a rather non-traditional colour: blush pink! It may seem rather out of character for me, however, I recently made myself a coppery pink dress out of some Merchant & Mills seersucker and it's all I want to wear! The colour is surprisingly flattering on me, so I've decided to go with it and make myself a lightweight pink jacket.

I'm using some Vintage Blush linen from The Fabric Store and will make the jacket without the zip pocket. Of course, if I like how this pattern turns out, I'll be making another, more Wintery, one in blue! You can't keep me from blue for too long...

Source: True Bias, The Fabric Store

Yari Jumpsuit by True Bias

This was a last minute addition to my Summer of Basics lineup, however, as soon as I saw this new pattern release, I knew I absolutely had to make it. Previous to that, I'd been ogling a lot of gorgeous linen jumpsuits online, mainly from Toast and Our Daily Edit. This pattern fits my version perfectly.

The Yari Jumpsuit is ideal for summer days when I'm at home all day and want to wear "real clothes" that still feel super comfy. I'll be making the sleeveless version with trousers and will probably skip the waist ties. This time, I will be making it in denim blue linen - I'm hoping it will stop me from looking like a big baby!

Source: Deer and Doe, The Fabric Store

Myosotis Dress by Deer & Doe

I adore this dress! It's such a classic, pretty shape that I think will suit my figure. Because I have a slightly tomboy-ish style, I'm skipping the ruffles and the tiered skirt. I feel like I'll get much more wear out of the simpler style.

Again, I'm introducing some (kind of!) colour to my wardrobe by making this in olive green linen. I've been slightly obsessed with this colour recently and want to include more of it in my wardrobe since I know it's a colour that suits me. I once had an olive green mohair jumper that I adored and plan to remake it one day. In the meantime, this dress will suit me fine!

Post-Summer Recap

I ordered all of my fabrics, buttons and other notions yesterday, so I should be able to get started on my plans in a couple of weeks, once I get back from TNNA (That's right - I'm heading to the States with some of The Fibre Co. team!)

Some time in early September, I'll do a recap for you to see how I get on. Who knows - my plans might change! But I'm hoping that by the end of the Summer, I'll have some beautiful new clothes to show you.

Will you be joining in with the summer of basics?

If you're planning on joining in with the Summer of Basics, I'd love to know what you plan to work on! As you know, I'm a bit of a handmade wardrobe junkie, so this kind of thing makes me very excited. Share your plans in the comments section below.