knit a more wearable wardrobe

Welcome! Sister Mountain is a website devoted to knitting a more wearable wardrobe. I design modern, minimalist knitting patterns for aesthetically conscious knitters and teach you how to enhance your knitting with clever, easy-to-understand techniques.

I'm Clare Mountain, the founder of Sister Mountain. I live in London, England in a little flat with my boyfriend, Ulysses.


This blog is for makers who are excited by the prospect of creating a wardrobe of clothes that they love with their own two hands. It's about being more thoughtful with your wardrobe, whittling it down to the items that you love and filling the gaps with high-quality handmade pieces that are a true reflection of your personal style.


I believe in designing knitting patterns that have the potential to be the core foundation of your every day wardrobe; elevated basics that are easily styled and comfortable to wear. Inspired by the rich heritage of hand knitting, the designs have a fresh and contemporary aesthetic, utilising clever knitting techniques that take your knits to the next level.


Learning online can be somewhat a hassle. There is so much information out there; it can be difficult to know what advice to follow. My courses tackle in-depth techniques that will make your knitting even better. They cater to all styles of learning, with videos, images and written instructions, plus a Facebook group to get real-time support on any questions you might have.


I fell in love with hand knitting in 2003, knitting obsessively throughout my teenage years and later, got my degree in Fashion Knitwear Design in 2013. I worked in the knitwear industry for a brief time, before realising that the realities of fast fashion felt soulless to me, after having spent so long making my own clothes. These days, I work as a marketing assistant for a bespoke tailors by day and knit by night. I am passionate about encouraging more people to quit the cycle of mindless consumption and make their own clothes. Join me!



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