Quick Tip: Make a Detachable Pompom

Have you ever washed one of your pompom hats and been disappointed by the way it can make the pompom look matted and fuzzy? I have a super simple way that you can resolve it.

Rather than attaching your pompom permanently by knotting it and weaving in the ends, make it detachable.

How to Make a Detachable Pompom

When I make my pompoms, I leave two very long tail ends on it. I then use a needle to thread both of these ends through the crown of the hat and tie it in a secure bow on the inside. If the ends are too long once I have tied it in a bow, I give them a little trim. It's as easy as that - the bow is hidden, so no one will ever know!

This allows me to remove the pompom whenever I want to wash my hat. It also allows me to change up the style of my hat, as I can wear it as a simple beanie without a pompom or I can attach a contrasting one instead.

There will be many of you who are very familiar with this idea, but for those of you who aren't, I hope you find it helpful!



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