Introducing Fragment: A Textural T-Shirt Knitting Pattern

My Fragment t-shirt pattern has been a long time in the making. I started working on the pattern in March and teased you mercilessly throughout the process. Eight months later, I can finally share it with you!

Fragment - A Boxy T-Shirt Knitting Pattern

When designing this pattern, I wanted to create an everyday, lightweight top that could be thrown on with high-waisted trousers and skirts.

Because the silhouette would be very simple and elegant, I decided to use an allover stitch, borrowed from a men's chunky Brioni sweater. Knitted loosely in a drapey linen yarn, the stitch is transformed into something very feminine and pretty.

I tell you more about this brand new pattern in my short video...

Special Construction Details

As you know, I am a big fan of special details and strive to include them in all of my designs. In the case of Fragment, I focused on the trims.

Because I wanted this design to feel like a t-shirt, not a sweater, I decided to stay away from ribbed trims. Instead, I used tubular trims on the split hem and sandwich trims on the neck and sleeves. These terms might not be familiar to you, as they are more often used in machine knitting, however, they are very straightforward.

Both trims look similar; like stockinette but double layered to prevent curling. The tubular trim is more suited to fabric that needs a neat edge, whilst a sandwich trim is ideal when something will be seamed.

I walk you through both methods in my Fragment t-shirt pattern.

The digital pattern for Fragment is now available to purchase and download straight away through my website and Ravelry. If you like this pattern, I would really appreciate it if you would favourite and queue it on Ravelry - this helps more people to find it, which helps small designers like me enormously!

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